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A beautiful smile is something called first impression when you are in the public. Having whitened and clean teeth is necessary. Therefore, bleaching is an option to make your teeth beautiful within a short time without damaging enamel.

there are 2 bleaching methods:

  1. Home Bleaching is a method that dentists assign patients to bleach their teeth at home under the supervision of them. Dentists will make a modeling plastic specifically for each patient. Each modeling plastic will fit each patient’s mouth and teeth and he/she has to wear all night during the first 2-3 weeks. Normally, dentists will make the appointment after 1-2 weeks.
  2. In- Office Bleaching is a tooth bleaching method performed at a clinic by specialized dentists.

bleaching procedure

  1. Dentists will diagnose, compare tooth color and clean up. In case patients have a decayed tooth, drawing should be performed prior to bleaching treatment. Also, in case there is too much tartar,
  2. Pretect the gum and saliva from bleaching solution when bleaching.
  3. X-ray with a cold radiation about 15 minutes. Make 4 times.
  4. Cleansing bleaching solution.

A clinic will select a bleaching system that is optimal for each patient as it is also important.

Me Too System is a system coming with safety and quality while the procedure is not too complicated. The result is good and the price is acceptable.
Remarks: A result of bleaching is different depending on each patient. For instance, the yellow teeth can be bleached to be whither than the gray ones. Dentists are able to pick the best bleaching method for the sake of highest quality for patients.


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