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Inlay and onlay fillings are as similar as ordinary filling but the filling area must be larger than the ordinary ones. Dentists will order supplies to make modeling plastic in a suitable size with the pulp cavity. It can be removed and tested the conformation between materials and dentin including the edge of pulp cavity that drilled for cementing. Inlay filling will be made inside of the tooth while onlay will have a larger area for filling covering every edge of a tooth. Materials used for fillings are both gold porcelain and resin composite.

good points of inlay and onlay

  1. Beautiful and similar to real teeth.
  2. Stronger than direct filling.
  3. It is an option instead of crowning in case a tooth as a small problem.
  4. Reduce a contraction of supplies after x-raying and relieve sensitive teeth.
  5. Long-lasting usability.
  6. In case there are many teeth to be renovated, materials can be prepared simultaneously outside the mouth, which can shorten treatment timing.

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