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Denture is an option to replace the missing tooth. It is removable. In addition, denture is able to reduce a degeneration of gum. For example, a tooth drawing might cause the adjacent teeth falling off. There will be a space between those teeth, resulting in tooth decay, gum inflammation and periodontitis.

there are 3 types of denture

  1. Fixed denture or bridge features 3 teeth closed to each other with a pontic replacing the missing one.
  2. Removable partial denture will be clung with a metal wire. Patients might feel annoyed because food scraps may be stuck in.
  3. Complete denture is a treatment to imitate a real tooth in order to replace the broken ones. The base of denture can be from materials such as plastic, metal and mixed. It can be applied using to hold titanium dental implants to make the base strong.

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