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Metal braces

This is the most popular orthodontics method as its price is not too expensive and it can also be used with all types of patients. The braces are made from high-quality materials that can adhere to the tooth surface tightly. Patients who have these types of braces must have the equipment adjusted every month for the sake of proper tooth positioning.

Patients who are suitable for braces

  1. Patients whose bottom teeth are positioned over the top ones.
  2. Patients with crooked or spaced teeth which can make cleaning properly difficult; this could cause tooth decay.
  3. Patients who have damaged their teeth in an accident and they are unable to replace them. In this case orthodontic treatment is needed prior to tooth replacement.
  4. Patients who want to improve the overall look of their teeth.


This kind of dental surgery is suitable for those who don’t want to meet a dentist every month. Patients just have to meet a doctor once every 2-3 months as the brackets can be moved easily without as much force. One specially thing about these brackets is that they can lock by themselves without using rubber bands or wire.    


This dental treatment is designed specifically for each patient. The material is thin clear, and attaches perfectly to the teeth. It can be removed and cleaned comfortably as well. Also, don’t be worried about these braces falling off or food becoming stuck in them. Thanks to the clear material, you can smile confidently because no one knows you’re wearing them.

However, these kinds of braces are not suitable for those who have crooked or spaced teeth including tooth extractions.


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