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Periodontal Diseaseis related to gingivitis.


Gingivitis is an inflammable symptom in gum caused by an accumulation of bacteria, a hormone level change, a side effect of taking medicine and other factors like smoking etc.


Periodontitis is caused by a melting of implanted tooth, resulting in mobility. It is also a cause of bad breath. Drawing seems to be the last option to heal.

Periodontal disease signs

  1. Reddish gum.
  2. Bleeding when brushing.
  3. Gingival recession.
  4. Odontoseisis..
  5. Puscoming out from gingival sulcus.
  6. Bad breath.

treatment procedure for periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is related to an accumulation of plague. It is inevitable to make decalcification and root planing.

treatment steps

  1. The first step should be a decalcification and root planning. Decalcification will be made both in the tooth body and periodontal pocket. Root planning is to flatten the root enamel so that the gum tissue can be held tightly with enamel. This step must be done several times.
  2. Dentists will make the appointment with patients in next 4-6 weeks after treatment.
  3. Patients need to clean teeth and interproximal spaces properly and frequently by using toothbrush anddental floss.
  4. Patients should revisit dentists once 6 months in order to check leftover plague.

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