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root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is to trim a small dental tissue in the middle of a tooth as it gets infected in the deep nervous layer which can cause intumesce and pain in that area. It sometimes affects the jawbones or facial muscle including inflammation in pulp cavities.

tooth consists of 3 main parts

  1. Enamel is the outer layer and the strongest part of a tooth.
  2. Dentin appears between enamel and dental pulp. This part is the most sensitive part. When enamel is damaged causing dentin coming out and mouth temperature changing, there will be hyper-sensitive teeth.
  3. Dental pulp consists of blood vessels and nerve that haul food extracts to moisten teeth. This dental pulp will be very sensitive because of enormous nerves. If performing dental enamel or

reasons to perform root canal treatment

  1. Broken teeth.
  2. Severely decayed teeth.
  3. Accidents such as getting crashed.
  4. Dental braces.

procedure of root canal treatment

Step 1: Dentists will inject anaesthetic and drill a tooth in order to drain off pus and infected dentine after the damaged pulp cavities are trimmed.

Step 2: Dentists will clean pulp cavities many more than 1 time while the germicide might be used for some patients to make sure the pulp cavities will be totally clean.

Step 3: After getting rid of germicide, dentists will fill the root pulp cavities. This step is the final step of root canal treatment.

A tooth performed root canal treatment has less amount of dentine left. So dentists suggest patients to perform crowns to strengthen the tooth. In case there is a front tooth or a very-less-amount-of-dentine tooth, pin tooth is recommended altogether with crowns.

In case patients who used to receive root canal treatment and crowns are infected, it is necessary to perform root canal again.


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