GIKO Smile

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what is giko smile?

Giko Smile is a dental workpiece made to enhance your facial appearance and make your smile beautiful. It is comfortable for removing and putting on.
Specific features:

  1. Produced by Japanese technicians.
  2. White and beautiful feature.
  3. It doesn’t hurt teeth and cause hyper-sensitive teeth.
  4. Patients can speak normally.
  5. Easy to remove, put on and clean.
  6. It doesn’t cause a bad breath.

GIKO SMILE is suitable for

  1. Groom and bride including people who participate the wedding.
  2. People who appear in public such as MC, spokesperson etc.
  3. People who want to solve the problem like diastema, chipped and broken teeth.
  4. People who want to reshape their face to make their more beautiful.

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